Monday, November 28, 2011

Cute On Occasion

There is a trend in consumer software - and to some extent in business software - to be cute. That can be a cute logo, or fun field naming in forms, or humorous error pages. It's all in good fun, and can frequently help personalize software. After all, software is kind of a remote, sometimes dull thing. Why not have some fun with it!?

I'm all for fun with it. I'm even all for fun with errors or error pages (see the Twitter fail whale for example).


Be careful not to take cute too far. Cute is only fun when it's occasional. When it's frequent, cute just becomes frustrating.

So when you're going to do something cute and fun, that's great. Before you go for it, though, ask yourself: "how often will my users see this?". If the answer is "not very often", then go for it! If the answer is, "kind of a lot" or "every day", then don't be cute.

After all, it's all fun, until it isn't. Keep it fun.

1 comment:

  1. "Cute" is like "Funny".

    It's easy to be funny on occasion, but very, very difficult to be funny all the time.