Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Not On the List

I do almost all of my work out of OmniFocus. At any given time, I'm working on a range of things, from projects for clients to maintenance tasks for old clients (yum update foo!) to articles, etc. There's no way I can keep it all in my head, so I let OmniFocus take care of it for me.

So everything I do is there, right?!

Well, no. (Yes, hardcore GTD people can laugh at me now.)

I also do things that I get from:
  • my email
  • meetings and casual discussions
  • my IM
  • habit (blogging is an example of this - I never write it down but I know I need to write content for it)
This is pretty much identical to what happens to teams during sprints. There is a great list of things that they intend to do (just like my OmniFocus items). And then there's everything else. Some of it even comes from the same places - meetings (with customers or management), email, even IM (ever had a support rep IM you with an in-progress customer issue? I have.).

Just like life, sprints never really fit on a single list. Don't forget to give yourself a little breathing room for all the stuff that's not on the list.

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