Monday, June 13, 2011

An Object Lesson in Heat

Last Thursday night there was a power outage in the office. It took out the circuit that ran the air conditioners in the lab, but it didn't affect the circuit that powers the lab machines. And so the lab ran that way. All night.

In the morning, we walked in to a very hot lab, and started turning off everything we could get our hands on until the air conditioning (which had come back, thankfully!) caught up. So how hot was it overnight?

This hot.

These (now ex-) ducks were on a table in the lab, too. Tragically, there were no duck survivors.

Consider this your friendly local reminder that servers put out a whole lot of heat.


  1. Awesome picture. Of course as a tester, you now need to go out and a buy a variety of different chocolate ducks, some hollow, some solid, some filled with cream, and when the air conditioner explodes again, you can test to see which candy ducks survive the heat the best and therefore can safely be stored in the lab for the future. :)

  2. Ha! I think I'd better put a defibrillator on that shopping list. If the same thing happens again I think our IT group might have a collective heart attack!