Friday, May 13, 2011

All the Things You Could Do

One of the fun parts of working in software is the dreaming of all the things we could do....
We could change the way the cache works.
We could make this field validation better in a certain way.
We could write some documentation to explain integration techniques better.
We could rework a feature to scale better.

We could do a lot of things, yes! And the more we sit around and talk and think about it, the more we'll think of that we could do.

This is great and wonderful. Please stop long enough to actually do something.

After all, "could" never ships. "Could" never actually helps anyone. "Did" ships. "Did" provides benefits.

So when you have some ideas about what you could do, stop dreaming and go do one of them. Heck, do two! Just don't forget that you need both parts: the "could" and the "did".

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