Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Current Test Stack

I've been doing some functional testing on web applications. The applications are relatively simple, written in Ruby on Rails, and provide the following user interfaces:
  • a GUI
  • SOAP and REST APIs
My current testing stack for functional tests is:

Rspec. I use this for testing models primarily, and some of the controllers.

Cucumber. This is where I do most of my testing of workflow, business logic, and integration between pieces. A lot of the tests take the form of "sign up through the GUI, register a machine through an API, upload user data through the API, view usage data through the GUI" (and variations thereon).

Selenium. I use this for the very few tests that cucumber can't handle because of JavaScript, rendering niceties, or other browser-type concerns.

I'm in the market to learn a new toy (I mean... tool!), so I'm turning it over to you, readers. What about this stack should I swap out and for what kinds of tests?

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