Monday, November 16, 2009

One New Thing

One of the amazing things about testing is that you get a chance to try something over and over again. Every release, you get a new chance to try a similar process. Every time you run automation, you get a chance to make it stronger, whether that's per build, nightly, weekly, whatever. We're lucky to have so many opportunities to do roughly the same thing.... better.

Take advantage of that opportunity.

Every time you test, ask yourself what one thing you can do better this time. If you're feeling ambitious and things are generally under control, go for two or three things better. Try a new test technique. Try a new ordering of the test plan to shake out problems earlier. Fix a couple of the reporting oddities in your test infrastructure that have been bothering you.

This isn't news. I've written about changing up your test plan before. It still bears repeating. Do what you were doing... and do one thing better.

1 comment:

  1. Hi catherine,

    Its really nice idea to evaluate yourself during every testing cycle, and find out missing things.

    I really appreciate your suggestion