Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Do It

At any point in time, when I sit down at my desk, there are about fifteen things I could do. For example, when I sat down after today's dev leads meeting, I had my choice of:
  • verify some bugs targeted for the next release
  • verify some bugs on head
  • answer a question from a sales engineer
  • review a potential client sizing worksheet
  • fix one or more of about three small-ish bugs assigned to me ("fetchlogs doesn't fetch when... whoops!")
  • read a white paper
  • work on an in-progress FAI server I'm configuring
In the end, which one I pick isn't nearly as important as one thing:

Just pick something already. Then just do it.

To a certain an extent, what I do doesn't matter as much as simply accomplishing something. I have a general priority list:
  • active fires
  • stuff for clients
  • stuff for sales
  • stuff other people on my team can't do
  • other stuff
Based on that, I chose to answer the email first (and do the analysis that I needed to do to provide a good answer). But I could have chosen almost any one of these, and it all would have helped our current situation. And that's the point - just do something. That'll help.

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