Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things My Phone Has Said

I got a new phone fairly recently, and it's my first smart phone. By that I mean, it's the first thing that does email and whatnot. My previous phones have all been the basic "make calls and a little light texting" style.

I'm still learning. Turns out, the phone has autocorrect for when your fingers slip on the teeny tiny keys. Usually this is helpful, but sometimes my phone says things I don't mean. To wit:

What I said: A note to a colleague saying I had put some test data locations on the wiki.
What my phone said: "I put the test data on the bike"
Subs: s/bike/wiki/g. Thanks, phone.

What I said: A note to the IT guy saying that the Symantec Antivirus install had gone fine.
What my phone said: "The Semantic install worked. Thanks."
Subs: s/Semantic/Symantec/g. Thanks, phone.

What I said: "Thanks. Catherine"
Why my phone said: "Thanks, Cathedra"
Subs: My own name! Thanks, phone.

I still have some typing skills to master, I think.

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