Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help Yourself

Trying to do something new for the first time is generally a bit frustrating. I just don't know how to do it, and well, let's just say that I'm not the model of grace and elegance that I am when I'm doing something I know very well!

It's really tempting sometimes to throw up my hands and ask someone to walk me through it. Or I could show a little initiative and at least try once before I go running for assistance. People are happy to help, usually, but they're happier to help when you

It's a fine line between asking for help too often and sitting around being stuck because you won't ask for help.

In general, ask for help if:
  • Doing it wrong will break something expensive
  • You've been told to ask for help
  • You've tried a few times (really tried) and failed. Be prepared to state what you've tried
In general, don't ask for help if:
  • You haven't even tried it at all
  • You haven't read any available documentation
Help yourself. Then get others to help you. It'll go much better.


  1. Well catherne,

    i think whenever we ask for help, we should prepare pur questionaire before approaching to someone, ask specific question so that you can get specific answer.
    as you said, give altleast one go before going to someone for help.

    i agree, keep it up :)


  2. Great advice. Much of what you suggest is enforced on technical forums where 'n00b' behavior is not tolerated. I would only add that helping others can adjust other people's tolerance of our intrusion(s).

  3. yap, I do agree with your advices. But, most of the time it's become difficult (only my experience, probably my fault!) for me determine the context...should I ask or should I not? u know, professional it's always been running and running and superior is shouting..do early..do early...so the point I want to say is..think of the deadline (if there any) also. If you asked to do something new, then alsways keep in mind about the deadline so that no body blames you for not asking early!

    Nice post and very helpful.......keep it up!