Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Do Next"

Work ultimately comes down to, "Do this next". Sometimes I have a meeting and the answer is obvious. Other times, I can choose from a number of different things, and the answer of "what do I do now?" is less obvious.

One of the problems that I'm trying to solve here is the notion that I need to keep all the balls in the air across several projects. Let's say I have five projects going on:
  • main product release
  • prototype release
  • client issue
  • next release plan
  • lab expansion plan
I can choose to work them serially (today I'm doing main product release, tomorrow next release plan, etc). However, it means I'm touching each of them only once a week, and in the week that elapses, well, that's a lot of other people also working on these projects who are waiting. No good.

So I have to choose to work on each of them frequently enough to keep current. It doesn't have to be much, and the frequency varies based on the priority of the project overall. In general, I sit down and say, "what is most blocked by me?" and work on that.

How do you handle balance, at the fine-grained tactical level?


  1. Hi catherine,
    i am sure you know about famous time quardants on the basis of urgency,

    you are right we can choose our tasks on the basis of priority, that is

    Most urgent,Most important
    Important, but not urgent
    Urgent but not important
    Neither urgent nor important

    nice post again :)

    well catherine,i hve few questions to ask from you, regarding software testing , should i post my questions on this blog or some thing else

    i will appreciate your response.

  2. Yup - my problem with time quadrants is that I spend rather too much time moving things around in them, and not enough time actually doing everything!

    If you want to chat, please feel free to email me (catherine (at) abakas (dot) com)

  3. Thankx Catherne, i really appreciate your response.