Monday, August 10, 2009

Ambition In a Different Form

I like Mondays. Sometimes, though, going into Monday you know the whole week is going to be rough. Maybe there's a lot going on, maybe everything you touched last week fell to pieces, maybe you are behind on a project and have a deadline coming up.... whatever it is, this week is gonna be a doozy!

When that happens (and it's this week for me), I like to make Monday one long day. I'll skip the gym and head in early, and I'll leave late. My goal?

Make sure the week starts off well.

It's that simple. If it's a rough week, I need to know that I've started it off right, and that's what I use Monday for. So I don't go home until I've made measurable progress. Mondays are for being ambitious, but ambition can mean different things.

Sometimes ambition consists of simply making sure you don't get behind.

I can sympathize, and it's hard to dread that kind of busy week... but think of all you'll have done at the end of it!

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  1. Nice Post,

    Modays to start a week,and fridays to end a week always important.