Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Software Is Not All You Deliver

When a customer buys your software product, they buy much more than a piece of software.

Think of all they get, express and implied:
  • software (of course!)
  • a recommended deployment configuration
  • support
  • an upgrade path they can accommodate (number of releases and upgrade procedures)
  • all the benefits your sales guys tout: cost savings, improved operational efficiency, etc.
As you develop software, and as you define your processes for release, support, sales, etc., consider what this will do to your customer's overall experience. Your customer thinks of the entirety of his experience with your software; so should you.

1 comment:

  1. Hi catherine,
    Its true Software package includes other important things as well, as you have mnetioned like support managing releases or patches and deployment.
    i think, proper Software training is quite important as well, i have the expeeince if you do not have proper helping manuals or training resources, then you have to invest your time after deployment to entertain very small queries from the client.

    Nice post.