Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Conversations

You know it's Friday when.....

the casual conversation of the day is, "What would our company song be?"

A few Fridays ago it was, "What should we name our conference rooms?"

The winner of that particular one was Monsters of Greek Myth.
  • Hydra for QA (many heads!)
  • Cyclops for the Storage team (these guys are the classic cave-dweller developers who don't like light)
  • Cerberus for the File System team (their portion "guards the gates" of the store)
  • etc..

Is it work-related? Nah.
Is it fun? Yup.

I think this is what we call a "team-building exercise". It's not the most productive thing ever, but banking this kind of friendly conversation makes the harder conversations easier to have. When you need it, at least you have a friendly base to work from.

Sure, it's easier to put your head down and work, but being part of a team means being part of the silly stuff as well as the software stuff.

It's work. Don't forget to have fun, too!

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