Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Data Move

Over the weekend we moved from one defect tracking system to another. As with all projects, by the end I was getting impatient - I just wanted it done already! So what took so long? Two things, really:
  • This is nobody's day job. So at the end of the day, testing the actual software we ship generally trumped working on this defect tracking migration project.
  • We had to migrate all the old data.
The second bit is quite important. Did we really have to migrate the old data? Well, no. We could have worked out of both systems. New stuff in the new system, and finish out the old stuff in the old system. But...

That kind of behavior adds up quickly. Your defect tracking system, then your wiki, then your project planning location, etc. All of a sudden you wind up like a friend of mine, who has to look for everything in:
  • old wiki
  • basecamp pages
  • file server
  • defect tracking system
  • cross-project tracking spreadsheet
  • email
  • IM
It's amazing anything ever gets found, much less that he figures out what is the correct information.

So even though it delayed us, we moved all of our data from the old defect tracking system to the new one. Better to move the data than to leave partially-useful detritus scattered behind you.

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