Thursday, May 28, 2009


There are three background facts you need to know:
  1. I'm on triage this week. That means that it's my responsibility to come in every morning, analyze the output of the nightly automated test suite, and log or update bugs as appropriate.
  2. I checked in some code this weekend. It isn't product code, but it's part of the infrastructure we use to log bugs and handle our lab.
  3. We test our infrastructure and triage the output just like we do our product.

Here's where it gets amusing: There was a bug in my code (whoops!). And the automated test suites caught it.

So now I have:
  • written some code
  • been the QA type finding a bug in the code (With the help of the automated test infrastructure)
  • fixed my bug
  • ...
There's definitely something wrong here. In general, it's a really bad idea for someone to both fix an issue and verify that it's fixed. Fortunately, someone else on the QA team will be doing the verification.

That's pretty funny, though, that the situation even came up.

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