Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Roads Converge

My mom and my husband both have iPhones.

There's nothing too remarkable about that. I was thinking about how incredibly different their paths were to get to iPhone possession.

My husband is what I think of as your typical geek. The iPhone came out and he had to have one. So he got one. Then he figured out what he could do with it. And he's come up with things - email, GPS for the ZipCar, etc.

My mom is definitely not a geek. She had a set of problems - couldn't use her (CDMA) phone overseas, got lost when walking around strange cities, and didn't like being away from email for days at a time. So she looked around and got an iPhone.

Same result. But definitely two different roads converging on the same solution.

I think sometimes as engineers we start to act like geeks. We want it because it's cool. If our product is for engineers, that's great. Usually, though, it's not. So if we're going to make our product sellable, we have to play down cool, and play up the solution. It's not good enough for most of our users to go from solution to justification. Instead, we have to help them get from problem to solution.

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