Monday, March 9, 2009

End of the Minute

I'm highly dependent on my calendaring app. I'll be working away and it'll pop up and tell me where to go (or where to call in). I'm not exactly a power user, just forgetful of the time while I'm in the middle of something. So I use iCal - easy, comes with the machine I'm on, does the three things I need it to.

There's just one small thing....

Notifications happen at the end of the minute.

Let's say I have a meeting at 10:00am. The notification pops up at the END of the 10:00am minute. Which means 1 second later, it's 10:01 and I'm late. Granted, I should probably have left two or three minutes ago, but it's a small office and I can make it into most conference rooms within 45 seconds.

How annoying!


  1. Can you just add an alarm one minute before the event?

  2. That's pretty much what I wind up doing - backing everything up by a minute. So I wind up setting an alarm for 6 minutes before (so I wrap up everything), or 1 minute before, so I have time to get there.

    Still. You'd think a calendaring app would be set up to have you be on time, not late (even if it's only 1 minute late).