Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If It Hurts...

"Doctor, it hurts when I do this!"

Never mind. We all know where that one's going.

Seriously, though. Sometimes a problem doesn't have to be a problem. Sometimes the problem is really a choice, and it's possible to choose something else. So when you're banging your head against something, find out if you're solving a problem or making a choice. Maybe it's easier to simply make a different choice.

For example, in a product I'm currently working on, you can choose to use TCP or UDP. These are different layer 4 protocols, both of which are capable of routing NFS traffic. Our product simply wants the NFS traffic; which protocol it uses is up to the client mounting the NFS export.

Is there a difference between choosing to use TCP and choosing to use UDP? Of course. UDP is lower-overhead; TCP guarantees that packets will arrive in order. Is one protocol inherently better than the other? Nope.

This is a choice.

Sure, there are good reasons to make one choice over another. But that doesn't mean that everything guiding you to one option is a problem with the other option.

Worry about the problems.

Don't sweat the choices.

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