Thursday, February 19, 2009


We all have days when there is way way too much going on and it's all urgent. Sometimes that way too much includes personal things, and your coworkers may have no idea something's happening. Sometimes it's all work stuff, but for different groups, and each group needs something now now now!

You're frazzled.

One thing I sometimes forget is that it's okay to tell people that.

You can say, "I need 5 minutes to gather my thoughts," or "there's a lot going on right now and I will get back to you, but please have some patience."

So when you're frazzled, go ahead and tell people. Just make sure you:
  • acknowledge their need and assure them you won't forget them
  • tell them that you have a lot going on (no specifics necessary!)
  • let them know how long you need
  • don't add to your own frazzle by trying to do it all at once - get to a stopping spot with each task before you move on to the next one, even if it means you have to ignore your phone for a bit.
We all can sympathize with frazzled days, but no one will know unless you tell them. So be calm and firm and just let all the needing people around you know that you will get done but today is a busy day.

And then get through it.

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