Friday, January 9, 2009

Everyday Heroics

I come home from work most days and talk with my husband or my friends about how my day was. You know, the typical, "how was your day, honey?" kind of thing. Regardless of whether I'm the one asking or the one answering, the response follows a pattern - typically a story or a few stories about funny incidents, or things that "I just couldn't believe it!".

And there's a theme....

You are the hero of your own story.

Most of the time, you'll tell stories in which you're the hero:
- A bug you found that would have caused huge problems in the field. (phew!)
- That innovative duct tape sling to get the fan at the right angle so the servers stopped overheating. (very MacGyver of you)
- Your first board presentation, even though that's usually a job goes to people of a much higher pay grade. (wear a nice outfit and know when to stop talking)
- the witty comment you made at lunch (okay, so it was a slow day)

And there's a further theme... none of these heroics are large. We're not talking burning buildings and damsels in distress. We're talking everyday situations in which you did the right thing, or maybe went just a bit above and beyond. These are everyday heroics. These are the things that we can do every day to make ourselves, our product, our teammates better.

So when you go to work today, think about the story you want to tell tonight. What do you want today's everyday heroics to be?

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