Thursday, January 8, 2009

Double Check

The systems we work with every day are multi-machine systems - up to 40 machines in one system. We have several of these around, and keep some of them running for weeks or months. In particular, we have one set of systems that basically always stays up and keeps getting upgraded as we move through releases. And we have a list of machines that are reserved for that purpose.

We went looking through the machines that are reserved for that purpose today and found several machines that we thought we were using.... and we weren't actually using. This is actually good for us, because we  thought we were out of machines. But boy does it pay to go check that what your lists are telling you!  Just like we double check bug fixes, we also need to double check resources we think we're using.

Today's lesson:
Lists, even updated lists, aren't always accurate. Test those, too!

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