Thursday, November 13, 2008

It Hurts When I Do This

In test there are good days when everything does pretty much when you expect it to. And there are bad days when it seems like no matter what you do - even something you did just fine yesterday - just doesn't work. 

On those days, being in test is kind of like being that guy who goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor! It hurts when I do this!".................. all day long.

It's a recipe for frustration by noon.

So calm down. Grab logs and whatever diagnostic information you need. Go for a 5 minute break. And then re-baseline your system and start over fresh. You, my friend, have entered a bad state and continuing to try won't make it better. Oh yeah, and anything you do find in this state is highly likely to be hidden by fixing the issue that got you into this bad state. If you have your root issue, you're not helping. You're just repeating the thing that makes you say, "It hurts when I do this."

And don't forget the last part of the joke; it's relevant:

Don't do it any more!

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