Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Simple Questions

Asking questions is a wonderful thing. Even a simple question that you feel kind of dumb asking is generally a good question to ask. For example, one of the questions we're working on is:

How does WidgetDataMover write files?

Sounds easy, right? In the WidgetDataMover GUI there is a drag and drop feature that looks pretty much like Windows Explorer. You click on a file on the right side, drag it to the left side, and release the mouse button.


Under the covers it does the following (all after you release the mouse button):
  • Write the source file path into a database with a pending flag
  • Check to make sure that the destination path is written and writable
  • Write the destination path into the database
  • Move the file
  • Set file attributes
  • Write the success of the write into the database
That simple question is actually not so simple!

Never be afraid to ask a simple question - there's generally a lot more under the covers than you think.

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