Friday, October 3, 2008

Quiet At The End Of The Week

My weekly schedule looks something like this:

Monday: A couple of meetings, say 75 minutes total
Tuesday: Meeting day, part 1. Team meetings, standing support training, and dev leads meeting, total about 3-4 hours
Wednesday: Meeting day, part 2. Client issues meeting and XP customer team meeting, total about 2 hours.
Thursday: QA team meeting, say 45 min.
Friday: No meetings.

I have two thoughts about this:
  1. Ouch that's a lot of meetings
  2. Fridays are amazing
Let's leave the "ouch that's a lot of meetings" for later.

Having a day without meetings, especially at the end of the week, is a huge boost to productivity. I'm very strict about not having meetings on Fridays, and I get a lot of work done. So why Fridays?
  • I have a backlog of work from the week, so I know what I need to be doing.
  • I have the weekend available if it spills beyond Fridays. Oddly, knowing that I have that extra time seems to help make me more productive since I spend little to no time worrying about what will happen if I don't get it done. After all, there's always the weekend, even if I don't use it.
  • Friday nights are "date night" for my husband and I, and this way no meeting ever runs into date night!
  • If I'm going to take a long weekend, I can take Friday off and not have to worry about moving a lot of meetings around.
  • Conversely, the office tends to be quieter on Fridays, with people either taking it off or otherwise just plowing through their days.

Sometimes it is really hard to do, but give yourself that quiet no meeting day at the end of the week. It's the best part of the week.

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