Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun Words

If I were writing a technical dictionary, I would definitely include the following words*:

Horked: Broken, generally in an interesting and not yet explained way. Has connotations of machine unresponsiveness or other major breakage.

Slew: More than a few, less than a ton. Varies by the general size of what you're talking about (slew of bugs, slew of files, slew of checkins), but typically something two or three times the normal volume.

Dinky: Small and unmeasured (except by gut). Can have good connotations, as "that replication took a dinky amount of time!" or bad connotations as in "that was an awfully dinky file for it to fail on".

Ton: A lot. Generally at least 10x normal volume. Can refer to pretty much anything, usually something that the person speaking has to handle.

Greedy: When a thing is using resources and others (things or people) are feeling the lack of resources. Often refers to the largest or most aggressive consumer. For example, "the automated tests are sure greedy with CPU! My report can hardly run." This can go along with anthropomorphizing scripts and other machine actions, as in "continuous is greedy with lab machines".

Sluggish: Slow but not measurably slower than normal rates. Almost always refers to times or rates, as in transfer rates or run times for tests.

What else would you include?

* Note that I really did hear all of these (or say them!) at work this week.

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