Monday, August 11, 2008

Did You Test This?

The theme of this (young) week is "Did you test this?" All of a sudden, for reasons I'm not quite sure of, QA has been asked whether we tested certain scenarios a lot.

The trick to these requests is that there's almost always a story behind it.

Question: "Did you test replication between type X and type Y systems?"
Translation: "Marking convinced a client to upgrade from type X to type Y and tell a journalist all about it, and I really really need the data transfer to go smoothly."

Question: "Did you test upgrading with Active Directory configured?"
Translation: "Umm.... my Active Directory settings seem to be lost, and all I did was upgrade and tweak a few things..."

Your goal is to find that story.

The story is what you really need to solve. The question is just how the other person is trying to describe the story. Understand the story and you can answer the question the person intended, not just the question the person asked.

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