Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eureka Moment

I think the most famous moment in all history is the eureka moment. And in our own ways, we have small eureka moments.

...the moment when you finally understand the problem you've been working on for weeks.

...the moment when a graph clicks and you can see what your data has been trying to tell you.

...the moment you put pen to paper and can actually draw the system diagram.

Some eureka moments are enough to make you want to dance around the office (note for those reading: please don't!). Others, though, are anticlimactic. When you get there, the next logical step is something. If you haven't done it before, that next logical step is a eureka moment, however small.

I think as leads we have a responsibility to recognize growth in ourselves and in the people we work with. So take the time to notice the small eureka moments - yours and others - and celebrate them, even the ones that are just the next logical place to go.

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