Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I've written before about loaded words that QA tends to use - hang, crash, etc. They are words that are often not as precise as we should be. We may say "hang" when we mean "didn't respond to commands for over 2 hours". I've just discovered the idea of "English-Prime", and that really can play into this.

Basically, e-prime, or English-prime, is a form of English that lacks the verb "to be" in all its forms. "The system is hung." is not valid e-prime. "The system does not respond to commands." is valid e-prime.

So what's the point?

The idea is that forcing yourself to avoid "to be" and all its derivatives will force you to avoid making statements about the system. Instead, you are forced to make statements about your interactions with the system and your experiences with the system. Doing this helps you avoid assumptions about the system and the system's intended behavior; you'll be more accurate about your statements.

Give it a shot!

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