Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ambiguity in Specifications

On the T on the way to work this morning there was an ad recruiting for ITA Software. The ad ran something like this (I'm paraphrasing):

If you take all the numbers from 1 to 999,999 and write them out as words, then concatenate them, what is the 51 millionth letter?

If you can solve this, come work for us!

Coding for this problem is not difficult. However, I could come up with several different answers. I assert that the question is ambiguous.

Ambiguity 1: "from X to Y"
  • Is this inclusive? That is, do I include the numbers 1 and 999,999 or not? 
  • I assume this is whole numbers (integers) only; the problem isn't really solvable unless some interval is defined.
Ambiguity 2: "concatenate"
  • In most languages, this means that you simply write out the numbers one after the other with no delimiter (no space, no line ending, etc). Confirm this assumption.
  • In a few languages, calling concatenate results in removing all white space. Confirm that this is not the underlying assumption.
Ambiguity 3: "write out the number"
  • 1171
  • one-thousand, one hundred, seventy-one
  • one thousand one hundred seventy one
  • one thousand one hundred and seventy one (I believe this one actually expresses 1100.71)
  • one one seven one
None of these ambiguities is a difficult thing to determine, but they will change your answer. The moral of the story is to really read your specification, eliminate ambiguities, and then start coding.

Somehow, I think this is more interesting as a test question than as a coding question!

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