Thursday, January 31, 2008

Push Versus Pull

I've written before about the queues I work with, and how I touch each of them every day. One of the things I'm playing with is whether I want to deal with the queue by pushing or by pulling.

If I go with a push method, all changes to each queue get emailed to me. If I go with a pull method, I go look at each queue.

Push Pros:
  • I never miss a change.
  • I can work my list when I'm not VPN'd in to the office.
Push Cons:
  • Significantly greater email
  • When there are multiple changes in the queue I get extraneous notifications
Pull Pros:
  • Keep all my queues in their place - in the queue, not in my email
  • Doesn't drown my other emails
Pull Cons:
  • Much higher chance I'll miss something, or be slow on something.
  • Can't get to it from outside the VPN
I haven't decided which I like better - push or pull. Any thoughts?

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