Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Day After

Today is the day after we have shipped from QA to deployment (they do some training, and then it's off to customers!). 

So what did the QA team do, this day after?

  1. went out to lunch together
  2. cleaned up the wiki page to reflect the release as complete instead of in progress
  3. burned archive CDs of the release
  4. archived the test plan (including test results)
  5. answered questions from dev, product management, deployment, sales, etc.
And that's about it.

If your team has worked hard through the release, there's probably a mountain of work still to be done. But take a day - just one day - as a breather. There needs to be a lull after release so you can release all the stress.

In the end you'll gain more for that than you'll lose with a few hours of inefficiency.

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