Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bug of the Day

This is a bug I found today, and it might be my most amusing bug ever:

We have a feature that lets you pick a date. I logged in today and noticed that I couldn't pick today.... or yesterday. I couldn't pick any date in 2008.

Here's the code (note: real code not shown to prevent IP issues):

* Writes HTML code for the date form. Combo-boxes
* are shown for the year, month and day after which stuff should be done.
* A JavaScript calendar is also included.

private static void showDateForm (Locale locale) {
Calendar mycal = new calendar(locale)
//move time back a week
int nowyear = mycal.YEAR
int nowmonth = mycal.MONTH
int nowday = mycal.DAY

No, we don't know why they did this. Our best guess is that the date defaults to one week ago and they kind of screwed up the implementation of it.

I'm amused. :)

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