Thursday, September 6, 2007

You Choose It, You Do It

I like to call my management style "you choose it, you do it".

In the end it's pretty simple. If you work for me, I let you drive. If I ask you for something, the first thing I'm going to ask is when you can have it done and what you need to do it. You tell me that, and I consider you committed.

Let's say I ask you to implement an automated installer for the QA environment. You tell me that it'll take a week and you need three test machines. Once I get you those three test machines, it's your job to make it happen in a week. If you can do it in 10 hours, great! If it takes you 80 hours, well, I guess you're working an 80 hour week.

In other words, come work for me and I'll never make you do anything you don't sign up for. Once you sign up for it, you get it done, no excuses.

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