Friday, September 14, 2007

"Is It Ready?"

It's an insidious question, but one day you will be asked: "So, is it ready?".

It's tempting to say Yes or No, but don't succumb. The truth is, you probably don't actually know the answer. Think off all the things you need to know to understand whether a release is ready:
- what defects are there
- what features are there
- what defects were fixed
- what defects you probably haven't found (at least what areas, types, and severities)
- the tolerance of your customers for the defects you know about or suspect
- the drivers behind and importance of the release date itself (maybe it's tied to a trade show, for example)
- the feasibility of a follow-up release for bugs
- whether customers WANT the release

So don't sell your company short. Provide the information you have, and get the information you don't. It takes more than one person to make a release!*

* If you're working alone, then obviously you play all the roles so you have all the information.

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